Confidential sources within the Australian Labor Party have indicated that there is a plan to draft the charismatic celebrity, Polly Pig, to their ranks. This move follows the aborted coup attempt this week, when Kevin Rudd declined to challenge Prime Minister Julia Gillard after being called upon to do so by former leader, Simon Crean.

We understand that Polly could not be happier in her current ambassadorial role with Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary, but she may be tempted by a sense of duty to her country.

Indeed, we wonder if she may have already been considering the possibility, as some of her recent outings have resembled election campaign rallies.

One example was a recent open day at Melbourne University.

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Polly sure is a big crowd-pleaser (Melbourne Uni)
Photo: Karina Leung

There was also the rally of animal rights group, Melbourne Pig Save, earlier this month, when Polly was mobbed by supporters in Melbourne’s busy Bourke St Mall.


Polly basking in her fame. It’s best to keep the paparazzi happy if you can.
Photo: Jo-Anne McArthur |

Like most aspiring Australian Prime Ministers, Polly was keen to demonstrate her sporting prowess. On this occasion she chose the round ball game, scoring a magnificent goal with ease. Other talents were also evident in this short video.


Polly’s performance at the rally brought back memories of her victory in the RSPCA Million Paws Walk Best Trick Competition. Polly said proudly at the time:  “I beat all the dogs!”

The drafting of a leadership candidate in this way, should it proceed, is reminiscent of Bob Hawke’s ascent to the Prime Ministership for Labor in 1983, and the recent election of Queensland Premier Campbell Newman, representing the Liberal Nationals.

Polly would also not be the first media celebrity to be drafted. An example was former lead singer of rock band Midnight Oil, Peter Garrett, who is currently a minister in the Labor Government.

We wish Polly well if she accepts the challenge. We are confident that the standard of governance in this country would improve immeasurably.

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Blog Author: Paul Mahony

Music in video: “Sometimes” by Steve Romig

Disclosure: The blog author is a co-founder of Melbourne Pig Save.