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Are we witnessing abrupt climate change?

The clouds begin to thin over the Arctic Ocean Aug. 19, 2009.

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Risk Management, Insurance and the Climate Crisis


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Viva la Vegan

Here’s a list of my earlier articles dealing with climate change in general from the Viva la Vegan website:

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Relax, have a cigarette and forget about climate change

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Earlier Presentations and Papers

PresentationClimate change tipping points and their implications


Description: Climate presentation including links to what I believe are dramatic videos of what’s happening to the Greenland ice sheet and methane escaping from thawing permafrost below a lake in Alaska. (First presented in March, 2012)

Key issues:

  • The science, including amplifying feedbacks
  • Tipping points, including examples and recent developments
    – Arctic sea ice
    – Greenland ice cap
    – Methane clathrates/hydrates (permafrost and ocean sediments)
  • Implications
  • Denialism and media reporting
  • Essential measures