On this page, I’ve included material that I prepared before launching Terrastendo.

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Presentation 1 – Solar Or Soy: Which is better for the planet? (A review of animal agriculture’s impact)


Description: Animal agriculture has a massive impact on climate change. In June 2010, the United Nations Environment Programme’s International Panel for Sustainable Resource Management reported on activities and resources that contribute disproportionately to environmental pressures and impacts. In its report, the panel said, “a substantial reduction of impacts would only be possible with a substantial worldwide diet change, away from animal products”. This presentation supports that view. (First presented in February, 2011)

Key Issues (inter-related):

  • Inherent inefficiency
  • Scale
  • Greenhouse gases and other warming agents
  • Deforestation
  • Water
  • Nutrition

Presentation 2Climate change tipping points and their implications


Description: Climate presentation including links to what I believe are dramatic videos of what’s happening to the Greenland ice sheet and methane escaping from thawing permafrost below a lake in Alaska. (First presented in March, 2012)

Key issues:

  • The science, including amplifying feedbacks
  • Tipping points, including examples and recent developments
    – Arctic sea ice
    – Greenland ice cap
    – Methane clathrates/hydrates (permafrost and ocean sediments)
  • Implications
  • Denialism and media reporting
  • Essential measures

Melbourne Pig Save


This is a group that I created with two friends. Our aim is to highlight the plight of pigs in our food production system, including routine and legal confinement and mutilation. Here are links to our Facebook page and website.

Submission in response to National Food Plan Green Paper


This is my my submission, “The urgent need for a general transition to a plant-based diet“, focusing primarily on climate change issues, with some comments on health.

Comments on Meat & Livestock Australia’s “Myth Busters”

I felt the need to respond to what MLA referred to as “myth busters” regarding the environmental impacts of red meat. Here’s my paper.

Viva la Vegan

Here’s a list of my earlier articles from the Viva la Vegan website:

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