Horse and pig meat has been found in so-called “beef” burgers sold in Britain and Ireland.

Video: Horse and pig meat found in British “beef” burgers (2.09).

Is this a problem? Certainly not!

The people of Britain, Ireland (and Australia) ought to get over their hang-up about eating horse meat. If we can eat cows, then we can eat horses. And why stop there? If we can eat pigs and lambs, then we can eat dogs and cats.

Surely, if farm animals exist for our culinary benefit, then horses, dogs, cats and others should also “step up to the plate” when required.

With our rapidly growing population, those animals should accept that they will be required to help out sooner, rather than later. After all, they’re very popular components of the diet in many other countries.

Tesco supermarket

Tesco: one of the supermarket chains with horse and pig meat in “beef” burgers

Something else that should allay consumers’ concerns is this assurance from a long-term Tesco customer:

Video: No side-effects from Tesco’s burgers (0.20)

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Note: First video link replaced on 13th Feb, 2013 after the original version was removed from Youtube.