“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

Terrastendo is the blogging site of environmental and animal rights campaigner, Paul Mahony.

My articles can be accessed via links under the “Issues” heading below or in the menu above. You can also find past papers, presentations and radio interviews.

The aim of the site is to help remove what I believe are blinkers and blindspots in the community, resulting from social, cultural and commercial conditioning. You can find my past tweets and Facebook posts at the bottom of each page, along with a search bar for the site.


My beef with Gore, Obama and the US EPA over climate change



A livestock recap on the road to Paris



Animal Rights

Climate Change in General

Climate Change and the Impact of Animal Agriculture

Health Impacts of Eating Animals


Cattle © Casadphoto | Dreamstime.com

Grilled lobster | Prayitno | Flickr | Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic

Paris Climate Change Conference 2015 Photo © Delstudio | Dreamstime.com


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