This page brings together posts highlighting governments, prominent groups and individuals overlooking, understating, ignoring or misrepresenting the impact of animal agriculture. The posts are also included in the more extensive page, Climate Change and Animal Agriculture.

Youth Food Movement Australia and the red meat industry


Open letter to Sydney Peace Foundation


The link that too many ignore


The climate change campaigner and the steak


Another letdown from

Dec 2015


My beef with Gore, Obama and the US EPA over climate change

Nov 2015


A livestock recap on the road to Paris

Nov 2015


Action on livestock is essential if we are to strike targets

Nov 2015 (Climate change author Philip Sutton)


Questions for Breakthrough climate forum

Nov 2015 (Climate change author Philip Sutton)


Activist, not Automaton (on Viva la Vegan website)

Oct 2015 (incl. comments on Prof. Tim Flannery)


More on Savory, livestock and climate change

Aug 2014


Savory and McKibben: Another postscript

Aug 2014


The real elephant in AYCC’s climate change room

Sep 2013 (Australian Youth Climate Coalition)


Do the math: There are too many cows!

Jul 2013 (Bill McKibben of


Protecting global climate with Vegan Challenge

Apr 2013 (incl. comments on Prof. Tim Flannery)


Omissions of Emissions: A Critical Climate Change Issue

Feb 2013 (Government reporting)


Some Critical Omissions from Climate Change Discussions

Dec 2012 (The Greens political party in Australia)


National Food Plan Green Paper Submission

Sep 2012
Extract: “It would be helpful if the government informed the community that they can have a significant environmental impact by modifying their diets. Such an approach would help balance the efforts of groups such as Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA), who were named the 2007 advertiser of the year at the Australian Writers & Art Directors awards, for its work in promoting red meat sales domestically and internationally. No one could validly complain if well-informed consumers decided to purchase fewer meat and dairy products for environmental reasons. After all, efficient markets rely on decision makers being well informed. To mislead the public of the actual causes of climate change or water shortages is worse than doing nothing at all. It deflects action away from those measures that would help to solve the pressing environmental problems that we face.”


Victorian Government Climate of Opportunity Green Paper Submission

Sep 2009
Extract: “If the Victorian Government is willing to advertise to encourage us to adopt certain beneficial practices in regard to energy and water consumption, then it should also be willing to do the same in regard to dietary choices, as the environmental benefits of dietary change would be many times greater than the benefits to be derived from the other measures mentioned.”

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Response to Victorian Government’s “Climate of Opportunity” summit paper

Jun 2008
Extract: Whilst the Victorian Government has been willing to spend money on advertisements that encourage us to turn off electrical appliances and take shorter showers, it has said little, if anything, about the dramatic effect of our food choices on the environment. This must change; the Government must help to inform the community.”

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